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Goldrausch in den Niederlanden

Gold, gold, gold digging! In Nijverdal

Nijverdal bustled with excitement as news of a major gold strike in the area reached the little village. Hundred years ago, two eager prospectors claimed land and received an official concession from the dutch government to dig for gold. It was the first and only time that a discovery of gold was reported in the Low countries. A gold rush in the Netherlands started.

Fools gold

Het Goudzoekerspad in Nijverdal in Overijssel
A biking path, het Goudzoekerspad (The Gold digger path), near the railroad leads to the gold!
Back in the early days of the 19th century, 2 man saw a glimmer in the sand and discovered gold in the Nijverdal area. Once they had the concession, they planned an open mine called mine field Erica. The first laboratory tests looked very promising but the results in the field were not good at all. There was gold, but only very little. It was by far not enough to make a profit. Some people think the 2 man tricked the laboratory tests, but there is no proof for that.
The only remains today are the Goudzoekerspad, a cycle path along the railroad and the Goldrush off-road triatlon.


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Goldrausch in den Niederlanden

Adresse: Goudzoekerspad
PLZ / Ort: 7441 GZ  Nijverdal
Provinz: Overijssel

Wichtig: Der Ort auf der Karte dient nur zur Anzeige und kann von der Realität abweichen



Umkreis Nijverdal


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