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De Paardenkamp Horse Camp

Retirement home for horses and ponies

The average age of a horse is about 20 to 25 years. But 40 is also possible. From the age of twenty years, the animal becomes senior and it is also time for a horse to slow down. The Horse Camp in Soest is a rest home for older horses and ponies. The home was already established in 1962 by Mr. C.J. 't Hart, secretary of the local animal protection.

Retired animals

Horses also develop grey hair, less muscle mass and wear of the joints in old age. Just like humans. The retired animals can walk around in the meadows around De Paardenkamp and enjoy the peace and care they need.

Age of horses calculated in human years

They say that a cat has 9 lives. But how about a horse? It is said that 1 human year is approximately equal to 3.5 years in a horse life. Converted, you get approximately the following:
Horse age Phase Age human
1 Foal to yearling 6,5
2 2-year old 13
3 18
4 20,5
5 Adult 24,5
7 28
10 35,5
13 43,5
17 53
20 60
24 70,5
25 Average life expectancy 78
30 85,5
33 93
36 100,5

What do visitors say about De Paardenkamp Horse Camp?

Adress and visitor information

De Paardenkamp Horse Camp

Address: Birkstraat 96
Postal code and city: 3768 HL  Soest
Province: Utrecht
Phone: +31 (0)35 6016089

Let op: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always tbe entrance, parking lot or best route



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