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The sawn bunker

The new Dutch inundation zone

Once upon a time planes and heavy artillery didn't exist. Wars were fought with fists, swords, spears, muskets and... water!

The new Dutch inundation zone was built between 1815 and 1940 to protect the main cities in the west of The Netherlands. During an attack, men could flood the defense zone within 1 or 2 days. The water was too deep to walk or to drive, but to shallow to sail.

The sawn bunker near Culemborg is part of this inundation zone but was never used during war. Immediately after the completion of the defense zone it became obsolete due to modern planes and the reach of modern weapons.

Nowadays it's being used to protect the area from high water. After periods of heavy rain, water is stored in the basin next to the bunker.

The sawn bunker Photo Gallery

The sawn bunker near Culemburg
The sawn bunker near Culemburg
The sawn bunker near Culemburg
The sawn bunker near Culemburg

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Adress and visitor information

The sawn bunker

Address: Diefdijk
Postal code and city: 4122 KP  Zijderveld
Province: Gelderland
Additional information: Diefdijk, near highway A2, close to the city of Culemborg.

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