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Plane spotting

Plane spotting

Breda International Airport

Bosschenhoofd - International airport in a pasture. That's how a local newspaper called Breda International Airport after the tiny Seppe Airport (named after someone who hosted nearby hostel 200 years ago) was upgraded. The airport in the little village of Bosschenhoofd is still very small. There is more cattle than planes. nevertheless it is a nice place to stop by and enjoy watching the departing planes. Are you ready for take-off?

Breda International Airport

Despite the new name, there was little change in and around the 800 meter long runway in Bosschenhoofd. Still, you can see all the aircraft well from the public road. It is an ideal place for airplane spotters and popular with day-people and cyclists who want to get off and check out.

Ready for take off!

Sometimes there are only 2 flights a day, but on other days it may be hundreds. Then it's coming and going of ascending and descending Cessna's.

Flying Museum Seppe

In the permanent collection of the Seppe Flying Museum there are 12 airworthy devices dated 1929 to 1975. In addition, there is an overview of aviation history with pictures, instruments, engines, replicas and aircraft models.

Visitor information
Address: Pastoor v. Breugelstr. 93
Zip / City: 4744 RC  Bosschenhoofd

Plane spotting

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