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Claude Monet in the Netherlands

The locations of his paintings

Between 1870-1880 the French impressionist painter Claude Monet visited the Netherlands several times. During his stay he made 42 paintings. Especially the cityscape of Amsterdam and typical Dutch scenes as windmills, ships and tulip fields were popular with him. Most of the scenes on his paintings have changed drastically, but some others are still unchanged.

Monet: Munt en Binnen Amstel Toen en nu
Claude Monet: Mint Tower and the Inner Amstel in the past (left) and at present (right)


The Inner Amstel and the Mint Tower (left) as painted by Claude Monet in 1874. The original painting is 55x74 cm and is privately owned.

The Groenburgwal and the South Church (Large picture at the top of the page). Monet painted in 1874 2 versions at this location.

Westerdokseiland and Posthoornkerk are now fully engulfed by the city. At the time of the painting it was a rural area, but over time it has completely changed.
The blue house on the Hogendijk
The blue house on the Hogendijk


The blue house on the Hogendijk in Zaandam still exists. In the same city there is a nice copy of the original house as part of the modern old Zaan style hotel in Zaandam. One of them is the famous little blue house as painted by Claude Monet.

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