What happened in Room 902?

Wanneer: 22 - 31 maart 2019
Locatie: Amsterdam
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Photo: Nico Koster/MAI

John and Yoko: Bed-in for Peace

Amsterdam - Fifty years after their landmark peace initiative at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, John and Yoko are back, with an intimate exhibition of John Lennon’s art work on view at the Hilton Amsterdam from 22 – 24 March. The exhibition is being held under the umbrella of a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Bed-In for Peace taking place at the Hilton Amsterdam 21 - 31 March 2019. The exhibition will feature a private collection of handwritten documents and sketches produced by John and Yoko during their stay at the Hilton in 1969. These items include an amusing, highly personal, and tender question-and-answer series held between the Ono-Lennons and a young Dutch fan, Constance Vrijdags. Other items of particular interest include works from the 'Bag One Portfolio', a series of prints produced and hand-signed by John Lennon, based on his own illustrations of the Bed-In. Throughout the entire period, the photo exhibition 'What happened in Room 902' can be seen in the Lobby of the hotel. During ´Memorial Weekend´, 30th - 31st March, there will be a programme of performances and a documentary showing, and it will also be possible to take a peek in the now famous John & Yoko Suite.

Exhibition: ´What happened in Room 902?'

John Lennon and his new bride Yoko Ono chose the ´Free-state of Amsterdam´ for their honeymoon. For seven days the illustrious couple stayed in room 902 (now suite 702) of the Hilton Amsterdam, and with their Bed-in for Peace protest made a statement on world peace via interviews, music, drawings and slogans. The images of their now legendary stay went around the world. In March 1969 Govert de Roos made good use of his status as a developing ´Amsterdam- photographer´ to grab the opportunity of a lifetime and take what would become world famous photos of the Bed-in for Peace happening. The now celebrated portrait photographer will be adding lustre to his own 50 year anniversary as co-curator of the exhibition ´What happened in Room 902?´ The narrative of the exhibition gives an impression of the events that happened there and sets them in the wider context of that restless era, the period which was dominated by the Amsterdam Provo movement. In total fifty large-format images will be on display, from the now internationally renowned photographers: Cor Jaring, Nico Koster, Govert de Roos, Claude Vanheye and Elmar Welge (DE). In addition never before seen photos from the Spaarnestad archive will be on display. A number of photos will be available for purchase.

Memorial Weekend

From the moment that John Lennon and his bride Yoko Ono arrived in a white limousine at the Hilton Amsterdam, on the evening of 23rd March 1969, up until their departure on 29th March, the then ´room 902´ was worldwide news. Right up until today their stay in bed to campaign for world peace is remembered in all corners of the world. In our own country there are witnesses to the event who can still tell great stories about it. Many of them can be seen in the documentary by Jan van Galen that will be broadcast on Dutch television NTR on the 13th March and which will also be shown at the Hilton Amsterdam as part of the Memorial Weekend. On the 31st March in the Hilton there will also be an interview with Mark Lewisohn, well known authority on the Beatles, which will be the overture to a remembrance concert scheduled to take place at the Koninklijk Concertgebouw on the 3rd April.

A look at world peace now

The artists Ton Cox and Ramon van Geest will be given a podium in the hotel lobby. Over the course of the ten day celebrations, they will create an artwork that reflects the themes of the Bed-in for Peace, 50 years ago, and combines them with their own modern vision of world peace now.

Christening of the ´Peace´ tulip

The Bed-in for Peace happening garnered much appreciation and flowers played an important role in it. A white tulip became symbolic of the campaign. On Thursday 28th March in conjunction with the opening of the Tulp Festival Amsterdam the ´Peace´ tulip will be officially christened. With this new variety of white tulip, Hilton Amsterdam hope to help keep alive the spirit of John Lennon and Yoko Ono´s now legendary protest for world peace. The tulip has been cultivated in the Netherlands and will be on show in front of the hotel during the month of April.
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Location: Hilton Amsterdam. Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam. The exhibitions are free and will be open daily between10.00 - 20.00 hours. For more information you can follow @HiltonAmsterdam on Facebook and Instagram.

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