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Winterswijk quarry

Open-cast mine of un-Dutch proportions

Winterswijk quarry is an open-cast mine of un-Dutch proportions where lime is extracted on a large scale. This lime originated in the Triassic, 240 million years ago. The quarry is known for fossils, ranging from shells to bone remains and footprints of saurians and different types of minerals.

Muschelkalk Sea

The limestone quarry is located just east of Winterswijk. The slab of limestone lies on the surface and is three kilometers long, one kilometer wide and forty meters thick. It was once the bottom of an inland sea: the Muschelkalk Sea. Marine and terrestrial animals left their traces in the silt in the lagoons of that sea. Layer after layer, the remains accumulated and are the limestone of today. It is unique for this part of the Netherlands that the limestone lies on the surface.


The Winterswijk quarry covers 27 hectares and consists of three quarries. Quarry I is in-active. Quarry II is owned by the Dutch forrest administration. Lime is only extracted in Quarry III.

Winterswijk Gold

Besides limestone and fossils, something else is found in the quarry: Winterswijk gold. Unfortunately it is not really gold that shines here. It is pyrite.

What do visitors say about Winterswijk quarry?

Adress and visitor information

Winterswijk quarry

Address: Steengroeveweg 50
Postal code and city: 7101 PH  Winterswijk
Province: Gelderland
Additional information: Although the Triassic was 240 million years ago, it is only relatively recently compared to the four to five billion years of age of our planet. It is nevertheless special that traces from that time can be found here in the quarry. A walk around the quarry is 13 kilometers and takes about 4 hours.

Let op: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route



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