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The Secret Dutch Travel Guide

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Modern old Zaan style hotel Netherlands

Discover the Netherlands

Holiday, hotspots and unexpected trips. 1001 tips and trips to the finest, most exciting and unexpected hotspots you shouldn't miss in the lower countries. Enjoy!

Holland Top 25:

Gold rush in the Netherlands, Gold, gold, gold digging! In Nijverdal
Bolwoningen, Globe shaped stilt houses
The Hidden Village, Shelter for persons in hiding
Pyramid of Austerlitz, The French period in the Netherlands
Netherlands best rail journeys, Six scenic train journeys
Ouwehands zoo, A day at the zoo
Bird park Avifauna, Birds from all parts of the world
Utrecht UFO, The truth is out there
Modern old Zaan style hotel, Stay in a typical Dutch hotel
The Horse Camp, Retirement home for horses and ponies
Centre spot the Netherlands, Secret spot hidden in the woods
Indoor sky diven, 90 seconds of great fun!
The Night Watch at Rembrandt Square, Rembrandts masterpiece in 3-d as a statue
Archeon, Living history, exciting history!
Escher in the Palace, Impossible designs and situations
Van Abbemuseum, Modern and contemporary art
Dutch Resistance Museum, Dutch people in World War II
Philips museum, Journey into tomorrow
Dutch Kremlin, Complete with towers, gates and arches
Dudok Top 10, His finest buildings in Hilversum
The invisible Mozesbridge, The hidden underwater Trench Bridge
Top 10 city trips Netherlands, Relaxing city breaks in Holland
Treetop walk: Boomkroonpad, See the forest from above
Netherlands biggest waterfall, The Niagara falls of the Low Countries

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