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Roman times in the Netherlands, Traces of the Roman era
Archeon, Living history, exciting history!
Amsterdam Museum, The story of Amsterdam - your entry to the city
Netherlands Open Air Museum, Go back in the days and see how the Dutch lived in the past
Drents Museum, The oldest boat in the world
Bad Bentheim, On a hill in the German-Dutch border area
Center for Dolmens, Megalithic monuments in the Netherlands
Dolmen Highway Route, Prehistoric monuments in the Netherlands
Bourtange fortress. Eighty Years' War, Passage through the swamp
Roman Castellum Hoge Woerd, Home of the Roman ship Meern 1
Museum Prinsenhof Delft, William of Orange murdered in Delft
Royal Delft, The true Delft Blue experience!
Fort Kijkduin, Gibraltar of the North
Queen Wilhelmina returns from exile, The first step on Dutch territory during WOII
Zuiderzee Museum, When the biggest lake of Holland was still a sea
Corriovallum Roman bathhouse, Roman Thermae complex
Where the Dutch invaded Belgium, The 1831 war between the Netherlands and Belgium
The Seven Mounds (De Zeven bergjes), Burial mounds from the Stone Age
Museum of the 20th Century, The everyday life of the past
Westfries Museum, The shining past of the Netherlands
Halve Maen, A historic ship full of stories
Windmills of Kinderdijk, The most well-known symbol of the Netherlands
National Museum of Antiquities, Ancient marvels in the National centre of archaeology
Swifterkamp: 4300 BC, Back to the stone age
Fort Saint Pieter, To defend the city of Maastricht
Ultra-secret NATO cave, Secret Cold War Command Bunker
Amsterdam Pampus Fortress, The Fort Island of Amsterdam
Dutch Fortress Museum, In the historical fortress town of Naarden
Vorstengraf ('Grave of the King'), Largest burial mound in the Netherlands and Belgium
Witches Weighhouse, Do you have witchcraft?!
Watersnoodmuseum, 1-2-'53
Achtung: Wire of Death, Dutch - Belgium border in WO-I
Rhenen Grebbeberg, The history of the Grebbe Line
Prehistoric Flint Mine, Mining in the Stone-Age
Grindstone of Slenaken, Back to the stone Age in the Netherlands
Defence Line of Amsterdam, 135 km ring of fortifications around Amsterdam
DOMunder: Discover Utrecht underground, An underground discovery
Prison museum Veenhuizen, Former Dutch penal colony
Limburgs Museum, From prehistory to present
Pyramid of Austerlitz, The French period in the Netherlands

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