Gold rush in the Netherlands

Gold Fever! Netherlands outfits the Klondike gold rush

Gold Fever! Netherlands outfits the Klondike gold rush


Gold digging in Holland!

Nijverdal - Nijverdal bustled with excitement as news of a major gold strike in the area reached the little village. Hundred years ago, two eager prospectors claimed land and received an official concession from the dutch government to dig for gold. It was the first and only time that a discovery of gold was reported in the low countries. A gold rush in the Netherlands started!

Gold field Erica

Back in the early days of the 19th century, 2 man saw a glimmer in the sand and discovered gold in the Nijverdal area. After the concession for 'Gold mining field Erica' was in, they started mining. Their plan was to extract the gold from the sand by large-scale excavation. To determine the correct locations, they began taking soil samples that were sent to a laboratory for examination.

Fools gold

Unfortunately, after the laboratory research it turned out that the Nijverdal type of gold occurs naturally everywhere in the soil. Maybe also in your backyard! Extraction of the gold is possible, but it costs much more than it yields. The gold rush in Nijverdal was therefore short. Why the men had not discovered this earlier is unclear ... or could there really have been something? All that still refers to the Dutch gold rush time is the 'Goudzoekerspad ', the Gold Digger Trail, along the railway line and the Goldrush off-road triathlon where a golden medal is waiting for the winner...

Better luck: Rhine gold

You may have better luck along the Rhine near the little village of Spijk near the Dutch-German border. On the sandy beach at the north bank of the Rhine you can find small particles of gold with a gold pan in the sand on the clay layer. But don't count yourself rich - you'll have to work hard to recoup your travel expenses!

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    Gold rush in the Netherlands

    Address: Goudzoekerspad
    Postal code and City: 7441 GZ  Nijverdal
    Region: Salland
    Province/Region: Overijssel

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 1 hours.

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    Waxing gibbous

    Gold and e-waste

    Your old unserviceable cell phone and other e-waste contain gold and other precious metals like copper and platinum. Theoretically you could extract it from the devices. But be careful before becoming an "urban miner". Extracting the metals is dangerous as it requires industrial chemicals. You can easily get poisoned and the particles of metal are so small that it's not worth the effort. Only a large recycling plant can make money out of e-waste.

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