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Discover the Netherlands! Get out and and get amazed. 1001 tips and trips to the finest, most exciting and unexpected hotspots you shouldn't miss in the lower countries. Enjoy!

Top 10 citytrips Netherlands, Enjoy the best city holiday destinations
Netherlands biggest waterfall, The Niagara falls of the Low Countries
Gold rush in the Netherlands, Gold, gold, gold digging! In Nijverdal
Longest place name the Netherlands, Small village - long name
Schiphol Airport plane spotting locations, Witness takeoffs and landings
Delft Citytrip, Home of William of Orange and Johannes Vermeer
Maastricht citytrip, Perfect for a romantic getaway
The mummies of Wiuwert, A crypt full of mysterious stories
Eleven cities tour bridge, A unique monument along the route
Exposure, The iron man on the dike
Burgers' Zoo, Visit the Bush, Desert, Rimba and Ocean
National Model Train Museum, For model train enthusiasts of all ages
Binnenhof, Governmental center the Netherlands
Sound and Vision, Media Experience
Papiliorama, Butterfly paradise in the province of Drenthe
Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, A great day at the zoo
Soccer Experience, Everything about soccer and its fans
Flamingo bird watching, Northernmost nesting grounds of the flamingo
Aboriginal Art museum, Contemporary Aboriginal Art (AAMU)
Bataviastad Outlet Shopping, Sale. Every day again
Bolwoningen, Globe shaped stilt houses
Madurodam, The smallest city in the Netherlands
Weerribben National Park, Wetlands
Miniworld Rotterdam, The largest indoor model railroad of The Netherlands
Amsterdam Water Level, Point zero
Step inside Corpus, Visit a human body from inside

Regions of the Netherlands
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Drenthe Trips
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Limburg Trips
North-Brabant Trips
Nordholland Trips
Overijssel Trips
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Netherlands in general Trips
Wadden Islands discovery

Points of interest
Top 10 City trips Netherlands
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