Top 10 city trips Netherlands

The world famous canals of Amsterdam

The world famous canals of Amsterdam

Relaxing city breaks in Holland

Whether you visit cultural hotspot Amsterdam, take a stroll in the historic city of Maastricht, visit the Royal City of The Hague (Den Haag) or go shopping in hip and trendy Rotterdam, the Netherlands offer you great and relaxing city breaks.
Shopping, fantastic museums, trendy festivals, the finest restaurants, stunning nightlife and unique architecture are the key ingredients for a perfect weekend getaway in Holland. What are the top 10 best citytrips in the Netherlands?

Prinsengracht canal Amsterdam
Prinsen Canal in the heart of Amsterdam


Holland's most popular city trip destination

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway. The beautiful canals and quaint neighborhoods will surprise you every time again and again. Stroll trough the city or rent a bike to discover Amsterdam the Dutch way! The endless array of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums, concerts and events ensure that Amsterdam is never boring!
In addition, the city has a large selection of comfortable hotels. Every Sunday the city center shops are open and if you need a break outside the city, simply catch the train to the sandy beaches of Zandvoort.
Amsterdam +

Maastricht city trip


The most foreign city in the Netherlands

Maastricht is located in the southmostern part of the Netherlands. It's a pleasant city and a completely different atmosphere than the rest of the country. Start the day with a fresh coffee and vlaai (local cake) at the central Vrijthof Square and finish the day with a nice local beer or glass of wine in one of the many cozy pubs. The historic city of Maastricht is a pleasant and romantic destination for a long weekend away.
Maastricht sightseeing and things to do +

Markt Rotterdam
Markt Rotterdam


Discover the 2nd city of the Netherlands

Rotterdam is a hip and modern city. It's the only city in the Netherlands with an impressive skyline. The architecture is attracting visitors from all over the world. Tired of walking between all the dutch skyscrapers? Take the watertaxi and enjoy an exciting ride on the water.
Rotterdam sightseeing and things to do +

The Hague sightseeing and things to do
Parlement buildings in the city center of The Hague

The Hague (Den Haag)

Take a stroll in the royal city of the Hague

The Hague is the governmental city of The Netherlands. The attractive city is great for shopping, its museums and nightlife. Kids will enjoy Madurodam (miniature Holland).
The Hague is located near the sandy Northsea beach. On a sunny day take the tram to Scheveningen or Kijkduin and enjoy the Northsea and the sandy beaches!
The Hague sightseeing and things to do +

City Center Utrecht
Dom church in the city center of Utrecht


A small big city

Utrecht is slightly smaller than Amsterdam, but just as cozy. In summer, the terraces at the Old Canal are the place to be.
Nice trips in Utrecht include the Central Museum with a fine collection of Rietveld's furniture, the world heritage Rietveld Schr�derhouse or the Miffy museum. Children will enjoy the Railway museum as well, climbing the 112 m high Dom Tower or a visit to the Street Organ museum. It's fun!
Utrecht sightseeing and things to do +

Groningen City Trip
Fish market Groningen


Largest city in the north

Groningen is a vivid city in the north of the Netherlands. It's just 2 hours by train from Amsterdam. Eye catcher is the spectacular Groninger Museum designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Mendini.
Groningen +

Haarlem city trip
Frans Hals Museum in the historic city centre of Haarlem


Capital of north-Holland

The historic city of Haarlem is just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam AND just 15 minutes away from the north sea beach. The old city center was founded in the 10th century. Around the grand place you will find plenty of nice bars and restaurants. In Haarlem, don't forget to pay a visit to the Kleine Houtstraat is great for shopping. Find and visit the 21 patios ('hofjes'), the city hall from or the oldest museum in the Netherlands: Teylers Museum.
Haarlem +

Exhibition at the Grote of O.L.V. Kerk in Breda


The northernmost city in southern Europe

"The northernmost city in southern Europe," wrote a fellow travel site about Burgundian Breda. Judge for yourself whether that's true as it's as rainy and fresh as in the rest of the Netherlands, but is cozy Breda sure! The oldest part of the lively center is situated around the Great or Our Lady's Church. Here are most of the cafes and restaurants of the city. On Sunday, the shops are open in the center. But would you rather go out, you can enjoy a walk in the woods. For a short weekend getaway, Breda is a nice and surprising destination.
Breda +

Den Bosch
Den Bosch is also called 's Hertogenbosch

Den Bosch

Admire the historic city of Den Bosch

Den Bosch (also called 's Hertogenbosch) has a beautiful historic center with numerous monuments, squares and charming streets. During the Carnival in February, Den Bosch is renamed Oeteldonk and is only suitable for revelers. But beyond February Den Bosch is also suitable for non-carnival-revelers. Visitors declared Den Bosch several times as the most hospitable city in the Netherlands. Den Bosch is highly recommended!
Den Bosch +

The historic city of Delft


The city of William of Orange, Vermeer and Bill Clinton

Delft is an historic city. The charming town is ideal for a daytrip or even a couple of days. Until his assassination in 1584 William of Orange had his residence here (In the Prinsenhof you still can see the bullet holes). Also Johannes Vermeer is one of its honorary citizens. The 17th century painter was born in Delft and was nicknamed "master of light". In 1997, Delft was again put on the world map when US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary visited the city spontaneously to eat poffertjes (pancakes) in a restaurant on the Market.
Delft +

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