Dripping water tower Oostburg

Water tower Oostburg

Water tower Oostburg


Dry on the inside, wet on the outside

Oostburg - A water tower is a building that appeals to the imagination. Not only because of its dimensions, but also the idea that the tower provides water from the tap appeals to the imagination. The water tower of Oostburg is also high and also appeals to the imagination. But this particular water tower accommodates guests as the water seeps down the outside in large drops...

19th century tower

Many Dutch water towers date from the 19th century. They were built to ensure continuous pressure on the water supply. Depending on the catchment area, the reservoirs in most towers are built at a height of 20 to 30 meters, but there are also water towers with reservoirs at a height of 50 meters.

There are still about 200 water towers in the Netherlands. But due to new techniques, almost all water towers have been taken out of use and a new destination must be sought. Because demolishing such an iconic tower is of course a shame.

Highest point of West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

The 55 meter high water tower of Oostburg is the highest point in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The tower was completed in 1950 to a design by architect A.J. van Eck. The previous tower was destroyed in 1944. The diameter of the water tower on the ground floor is 17 meters. The tower is now used as a Bed & Breakfast. A unique place to spend the night.
The tower contains five concrete reservoirs that vary in size between 320m3 and 715m3. The total volume is 2160m3, enough for more than 2 million liters of drinking water. The staircase runs between the outer shell and the reservoirs. There is no elevator; the staircase to the top has more than 200 steps.

The Source of Life

The large drops of water that seem to flow down the outside are a work of art called 'De Levensbron' by Johnny Beerens from Breskens and was commissioned in 1995 by the Municipality of Oostburg. Because the paint layer had weathered, the same artist repainted 'De Levensbron' in 2014.

Look closely: As the painter's signature you can see his reflection in one of the drops, a nice detail

Highest B&B

The Oostburg water tower is now used as a Bed & Breakfast. Guests can sleep on a high level in a water cellar and have breakfast at the highest point of West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

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    Dripping water tower Oostburg

    Address: Bredestraat 67
    Postal code and City: 4501 EB  Oostburg
    Region: Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
    Province/Region: Zeeland
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    Waning gibbous

    Artist Johnny Beerens: Brood en vis (Bread and fish)

    Want to see more striking artworks by Johnny Beerens? Beerens painted Brood en vis (Bread and fish) on the grain silo in the port of Breskens. A painting of 22x27 meters!

    He said about his dripping water project 'De Levensbron' in Oostburg: 'Drops of water flow from the wound in the tower, water is the source of all life. The reflections of the other drops are depicted in the drops, but also the reflection of the waves of the sea... ...The idea is that the drops flow together via a stream to form a wide river that flows into the large ocean. A symbol for the cycle of water and life.

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