Moai Easter Island statues Netherlands

The Easter Island statue on Texel

The Easter Island statue on Texel

Easter Island statues in the Netherlands. Where are they?

In 1962, a statue of Easter Island washed up on the beach of Zandvoort. Journalists and other curious people flooded the seaside resort to witness the sculpture with their own eyes... April fools day! Yet, there are some real Moai Easter Island statues in the Netherlands you can pay a visit to. And that's no joke!

The Dreamer of Rapa Nui

Easter Island statue Texel

The Easter Island statue on 'Rapa Nui' Texel can be found at the Island Gallery. The statue is facing Rapa Nui or Easter Island.

Moai Easter Island Statue Zandvoort
The Easter Island statue in Zandvoort

Loeres: Zandvoort Easter Island Statue

The April fool's joke

In the 1960s, Edo van Tetterode played a huge April Fool's joke when an Easter Island statue washed up on the beach of Zandvoort. Eight years later, he would unveil a replica of his Moai in the dunes. The Easter Island statue is still there.

Location: The sculpture is located in the coastal strip near the beach entrance, on the Boulevard Paulus Loot. In the base of the statue is written "April 1".

Moai Easter Island Statue Wanssum, Limburg
The Easter Island statue on the roundabout in Wanssum

Easter Island Statue Wanssum

The Netherlands southernmost Moai

Wanssum also has its own Easter Island statue. In the middle of a roundabout in the town.

Easter Island statues in Brielle
Easter Island statues in Brielle

Easter Island statues Brielle

Ahem, well, well, well, well, that's how it can be. You shouldn't actually call it Easter Island statues. They are striking. And will they always be here? Similar images have also surfaced elsewhere. Tips are welcome in the comments!

Easter Island statue Middelburg

In the hometown of the discoverer of Easter Island

Middelburg is the birthplace of Jacob Roggeveen. He 'discovered' the island on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722. His birthplace can be found at Lange Noordstraat 37.
A Moai statue of Easter Island can be found on the Buitenruststraat.

Easter Island Figure Ouddorp

The most mysterious sculpture of them all

In 1978, a real Easter Island statue was found during construction work in Ouddorp. The 24 centimeter tall statue was buried half a meter underground. How did it get here? The figurine is made of basalt lava and actually comes from Easter Island. But the how and why is still a big mystery. Did it come on a WIC ship? Is it from a missionary who has been to the island? Or maybe it was a souvenir from a crew member of a Dutch ship that visited the island at that time?

One theory is that a fisherman fished up the figurine, wanted to get rid of it and then threw it away in his garden. Anyone who knows can say it in the comments!

As far as we know, the statuette is the personal property of the finder and has been loaned to the Museum Ouddorps Raad-en Polderhuis.

Thema Statues

    Easter Island

    Rapa Nui means Big Rock and is the name given to the island by sailors from Tahiti. At 163 km2, the island is about the size of Texel. Almost 6000 people live there. The capital of Rapa Nui is Hanga Roa. Politically, Easter Island belongs to Chile.
    Easter Island is one of the most remote islands in the world. Pitcairn, another remote island, is the closest inhabited island. It is 'only' 2075 km away.

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