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Hotel De Wereld

Hotel De Wereld

The end of World War II in The Netherlands

Wageningen - World War II ended for the Netherlands in "Hotel De Wereld" ('Hotel The World'). Five years after the beginning of the war, Nazi-Germany unconditional surrendered in this famous hotel in the city center of Wageningen.

The surrender agreement between the Canadian General Foulkes and the German general-oberst Blaskowit was signed on Saturday May 4th 1945 at 4:30 pm. The Netherlands were liberated!

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Visitor information

Hotel De Wereld

Address: 5 Meiplein 1
Zip / City: 6703 CD  Wageningen

Additional information: Please note that "Hotel De Wereld" is not a museum. There is a memorial in front of the building. The building is now a restaurant.
Important: The location on the map is for indication only and can differ from reality.

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