Gladiatorial combat in Archeon

Gladiatorial combat in Archeon

Alphen aan den Rijn

Living history, exciting history!

Alphen aan den Rijn - Travel back in time and visit the dark Middle Ages, the ancient Romans or experience daily live in the prehistory. The archeological theme park Archeon is a 'live' museum where people in period dress live and work in the reconstructed villages.

The Prehistory

8800 - 12 BC The camp of the hunter-gatherers is your starting point for a journey through the prehistory. Via the dugout canoes you make a trip to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

The Roman arena
The Roman arena

The Roman Era

12 BC - 406 AC During the Roman times you can learn more about the daily life of the ancient Romans. You see their buildings and learn about their daily live. Spectacular is also the Arena with a real gladiatorial combat.

The Middle Ages

406 - 1500 AC Arriving in Medieval times, you can see how people lived and worked in those dark ages.

Time travel

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar, perhaps the best known Roman
In Archeon you make a journey from 8800 BC to 1500 AC.
The buildings in the park are reconstructions based on archaeological finds in the Netherlands.
Thanks to the many characters, shows and activities history is brought to life in a very exciting way.

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    Adress and visitor information


    Address: Archeonlaan 1
    Postal code and City: 2408 ZB  Alphen aan den Rijn
    Province/Region: Zuid-Holland
    Phone: +31 (0)172 447 744

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 4 hours.
    Please contact your destination for pricing and availability.

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