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Radio Kootwijk

Abandoned radio station

During the interbellum, the period between the 2 World wars, there were no satelites and mobile phones... a long wave radio is the 'state of art' when it comes to global communication.

To communicate with Bandoeng in the Dutch East Indies, Radio Kootwijk was built in 1918. The station was built far away from any radio interference, in Nationaal Park the Veluwe. A little town for the employees (also called Radio Kootwijk) was built in it surroundings. The station building is very impressive and hosts now an occasional concert or film shoot.

Radio Kootwijk Photo Gallery

Radio Kootwijk
Radio Kootwijk
Radio Kootwijk
Radio Kootwijk

What do visitors say about Radio Kootwijk?

Adress and visitor information

Radio Kootwijk

Address: Radioweg 1
Postal code and city: 7348 BG  Radio Kootwijk
Province: Gelderland
Additional information: Please check opening times & admission charges before visiting.

Let op: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route



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