Apenheul Primate Park

Apenheul Primate Park

Apenheul Primate Park



Apeldoorn - Ape, monkeys and prosimians can roam free at Apenheul Zoo. It is great fun. The animals in the primate park can climb in the trees above you, walk around or jump on your shoulder. But watch out for 'Monkey Business'! Especially the smaller monkeys are extremely curious...

In nature, you mainly encounter monkeys in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Most species live high in the trees. The feet of monkeys look almost like their hands with the big toe looking like a kind of thumb. Monkeys can therefore use their feet in the same way as their hands.


More than 400 different species of monkeys live in the Apenheul, ranging from small pigmee monkeys to large apes such as the gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo and orangutan. Great apes are distinguished from the other apes by their longer arms than legs, no tail and their cleverness. In addition, great apes spend a lot of time raising their children - just like most visitors to the Apenheul. Because the park is a great destination for a fun day out with the whole family.

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    Adress and visitor information

    Apenheul Primate Park

    Address: J.C. Wilslaan 21
    Postal code and City: 7313 HK  Apeldoorn
    Province/Region: Gelderland
    Phone: +31 (0)55 357 57 57
    Email: office@apenheul.nl
    Web: apenheul.nl

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 4,5 hours.
    The Apenheul is closed in winter.
    Please contact the park for pricing and availability.

    Let op: The locations on the map are indicational. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route. The map shows up to 8 locations in the area. Want to see all locations? Check our Hotspot map or use the Search option on this website.



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