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Trips Nicknames of Dutch buildings
Nicknames of Dutch buildings

10 buildings with silly nicknames

Trips Tallest buildings in the Netherlands
Tallest buildings in the Netherlands

Tall, spectacular, typical and striking towers

Trips Medieval churches in Groningen
Medieval churches in Groningen

Pilgrimage along 10 historic churches in North Groningen

Trips Green Cathedral
Green Cathedral

Reims Cathedral in Almere

Trips Museum Het Schip (The Ship)
Museum Het Schip (The Ship)

Amsterdam School architecture early 20th century

Trips The Narrowest House in the World
The Narrowest House in the World not in Amsterdam

Trips The Leaning Tower
The Leaning Tower

The crooked tower of the Netherlands

Trips See trough church
See trough church

Reading between the lines

Trips Bolwoningen (bulb houses)
Bolwoningen (bulb houses)

Globe shaped stilt houses

Trips Binnenhof

Governmental center the Netherlands

Trips The little white church on the hill
The little white church on the hill

The mound of Leidschenveen

Trips Aan de Stegge building
Aan de Stegge building

Hundertwasser in Goor

Trips Martinitoren church tower
Martinitoren church tower

Do you dare to take on the climb?

Trips Wall House #2 Groningen
Wall House #2 Groningen

A house where the wall is central

Trips Green Cube houses
Green Cube houses

Cube shaped stilt houses of Helmond

Trips Dudok Top 10
Dudok Top 10

His finest buildings in Hilversum

Trips The Wall Poems of Leiden
The Wall Poems of Leiden

100 poems grace the walls of the city of Leiden

Trips Paard van Marken
Paard van Marken

Iconic lighthouse on the IJsselmeer

Trips Lighthouse 250 guilders banknote
Lighthouse 250 guilders banknote

The famous Dutch lighthouse

Trips Oudenbosch Basilica: St. Pieter of the north
Oudenbosch Basilica: St. Pieter of the north

Oudenbosch - Yamoussoukro -Vatican City

Trips Bostoren Putten
Bostoren Putten

The tower with a forest on top!

Trips Cuypershuis

The life and work of the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers

Trips Dutch design: Cube-houses
Dutch design: Cube-houses

Living in a cube

Trips Euromast

Rotterdam from above

Trips Thorn

Cobbled streets and whitewashed houses

Trips The Rotating house
The Rotating house

Spinning house around the roundabout

Trips Rietveld Schröder house
Rietveld Schröder house

Going Dutch - in style

Trips Utrecht Dom Tower
Utrecht Dom Tower

The tallest church tower in the Netherlands

Trips Mini-Dom tower Leidsche Rijn
Mini-Dom tower Leidsche Rijn

Remarkable size replica

Trips Dutch Kremlin
Dutch Kremlin

Complete with towers, gates and arches

Trips It Lân Skip: bottom-up farm
It Lân Skip: bottom-up farm

The farm upside down

Trips Modern old Zaan style hotel
Modern old Zaan style hotel

Stay in a typical Dutch hotel

Trips Zaanse Schans
Zaanse Schans

Wooden houses, barns, shops and windmills from the 18th and 19th centuries

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