Utrecht Dom Tower

The tallest church tower in the Netherlands

Who has the tallest? Over the centuries, cities have tried to outdo each other by building their church tower a little higher. Although many churches were built for eternity, things sometimes went wrong. For example, the Oldehove van Leeuwarden slumped during construction, and partly collapsed, leaving a blunt tower. In Utrecht, the tower survived the centuries with ease, but after a heavy storm, part of the church collapsed. The church is now separate from the tower, leaving the highest church tower in the Netherlands stand alone.

465 steps to the top

To enjoy the view from the Dom Tower, you have to climb no less than 465 steps. You are then almost at the top. Almost, because the real top is even 10 meters higher, at 112 meters. But these last meters don't matter anymore for the view over the city and the surroundings.When weather permits, the view from the Dom Tower is just breath taking

Dom Tower Utrecht Dom Tower Utrecht

Dom Tower Utrecht Dom Tower Utrecht
Dom Tower Utrecht

The Dom church

During a severe storm in 1674, the nave of the church collapsed. This part of the church has never been rebuilt, so the tower has been separate from the church ever since. On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Dom Church in 2004, the missing part of the church between the tower and the church building was rebuilt by scaffolding, giving you a nice impression of the dimensions of the church at the time.

Dom Tower in Japan

The Dutch theme park "Huis Ten Bosch" in Nagasaki, Japan houses a 105 meter high replica of the Utrecht Dom Tower.

Top 5 Highest church towers in the Netherlands

112 meters
Dom Tower Utrecht
Year of construction: 1382
108 meters
New Church Delft
Year of construction: 1496
98 meters
Our Ladies' Tower Amersfoort
Year of construction: 1470
98 meters
St. Vitus Church Hilversum
Year of construction: 1892
97 meters
Grote Kerk Breda
Year of construction: 1547

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Adress and visitor information

Utrecht Dom Tower

Address: Domplein 9-10
Postal code and city: 3512 JC  Utrecht
Province: Utrecht
Web: domkerk.nl
Additional information: Please check opening times & admission charges before visiting.

Let op: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route



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