Prehistoric Flint Mine

Prehistoric Flint Mine

Prehistoric Flint Mine


Mining in the Stone-Age

In the stone-age flints were mined in the Savelsebos. This forrest is located in the Rijckholt area in the southernmost part of the Netherlands. Flints were higly valuable in the prehistoric ages (2950-2650 BC). The stones were needed to make fire and to survive, but were also used to create tools and weapons.

Prehistoric tools

These flints can be razor sharp. Metal was unknown. Therefore these stones were used to create arrowheads, knives, axes and scrapers. In addition the stones were used to trade.


The prehistoric flint mine can be found in the Savelsbos. A trail leads to the mine in the woods.
Flint mine trail Rijckholt, Limburg
Flint mine trail Rijckholt in the province of Limburg

Prehistoric Flint Mine Photo Gallery

Trail to the flint mine
Trail to the flint mine
Prehistoric Flint Mine
Prehistoric Flint Mine

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Adress and visitor information

Prehistoric Flint Mine

Address: In het Savelsbos
Postal code and city: 6265  Rijckholt
Province: Limburg
Additional information: A marked trail leads trough the fields and woods to the flint mine. The little village of Rijckholt (take the ´Romboutsweg´ street) is the best starting point for your walk.

Note: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route



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