Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals museum, Haarlem

Frans Hals museum, Haarlem


Art of the Dutch Golden Age

Haarlem - The 17th century in the Netherlands was a period of economic growth. Frans Hals (1583-1666) is one of the great painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He is known best for his portraits and militia pieces.

Dutch Golden Age

Named after the painter, the Frans Hals Museum boasts an excellent collection of paintings by Frans Hals and other renowned Dutch painters of the Dutch Golden Age such as Jacob van Ruijsdael and Jan Steen.

Frans Hals Museum photo gallery

  • The Frans Hals Museum Hof is situated in a historic building in the center of Haarlem and focuses on temporary exhibitions and events.

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      Adress and visitor information

      Frans Hals Museum

      Address: Groot Heiligland 62
      Postal code and City: 2011 ES  Haarlem
      Province/Region: Noord-Holland
      Phone: +31 (0)23 511 57 75
      Web: Frans Hals Museum

      Visit: An average visits takes approx. 1,5 hours.
      The Frans Hals museum is a 15 minute walk from Haarlem Central Station and is located in the historic city center of Haarlem.
      Please contact the museum for more information and pricing and availability.

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      Historic Haarlem

      The rich history of Haarlem is dating back to the 10th century. This Dutch city is near Amsterdam and has a beautiful old centre with a wealth of historical monuments such as the Grote Markt (central market) with St. Bavo church. Haarlem is located at the heart of the Dutch flower-growing region.

      Frans Hals Museum

      The Frans Hals Museum was founded in 1862. The main location is the former Oude Mannenhuis (Old Men's Almshouse) in Haarlem, which was repurposed to house the museum.

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