Rotterdam city trip

Rotterdam City Trip

Rotterdam City Trip


Must see city: Spectacular architecture. Largest seaport

Rotterdam - Rotterdam is famous for its spectacular architecture. Some people call her 'Manhattan at the river Maas' as It is the only Dutch city with a real skyline. The Port of Rotterdam is one of the largest harbours in the world. The city hosts great events and has various interesting museums. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherland and a world class destination for a great city trip.

Rotterdam Mix & Match

Discover Rotterdam

A visit to Rotterdam is fun as a couple or with the whole family. Especially in the summer, there is plenty to do and there are plenty of events. But it is also impossible to get bored in this metropolis in rain and cold. Rotterdam has been on many an international list for years as a hip place and top city that you must see. But of course we already knew that! Mix and match the tips below and join the Maasstad and see Rotterdam up close!

Finding your way around in the Maasstad

When you think of Rotterdam you immediately think of the port. It is therefore a mandatory part of a successful day in Rotterdam. During the annual port days in the summer, you get a good picture of our world port and you can take a look behind the scenes in many places. It is the opportunity to visit, for example, Pernis, the (second) Maasvlakte and all those other places that are normally off limits.

But there is also a lot to discover and experience on and around the water in Rotterdam during the rest of the year. For example, book a cruise through the harbor, take the water taxi or hydrofoil on the Maas, walk along the quays and visit the Harbor Museum. Or find a place along the Nieuwe Waterweg and marvel at the enormous ships that call at the port of Rotterdam every day.

Manhattan on the Maas

Via the elegant Erasmus Bridge you arrive at the "Kop van Zuid", the newest district in Rotterdam. Where in 1900 low-skilled workers unloaded ships and thousands of fellow countrymen left for America on a one-way trip, a new and vibrant district has now been built. Big cruise ships come and go. Striking are the gleaming skyscrapers such as the 165 meter high Maastoren and De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas, the three interconnected towers of almost 15 meters high. But on the peninsula there are also some historic buildings that remind us of the bygone times, such as Hotel New York, once the headquarters of the Holland America line and Las Palmas.

The White House and the Old Port

In the past, a few floors were enough to call a building a skyscraper. For example, the ten-storey White House was once Holland's first 'skyscraper'. Building higher was not possible. It was thought that the building would sink into the soft ground. Nowadays, the 43-meter-high building barely counts in the skyline of Rotterdam, where the many residential towers and high office buildings predominate. However, the Art Nouveau building is still a gem to see. At the foot of this 'skyscraper' is the cozy Oude Haven (Old Harbour) with terraces and (dining) cafes. In the early days of World War II, the White House was right on the edge of the area where the bombing hit the city. The buildings on the other side of the water, including the cube houses, are therefore all of more recent date.

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    Rotterdam city trip

    Postal code and City: 3000  Rotterdam
    Province/Region: Zuid-Holland

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 5 hours.

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