Biggest Waterfall Netherlands

The highest waterfall in Holland

The Netherlands are known as the Low Countries. Large parts of the land will be flooded when the dikes break. Therefore it's interesting to see that a flat country like the Netherlands can have waterfalls - even below sea level!


The Apeldoorn canal was dug in 1825 to develop the area. To ensure the supply of water in the canal artificial streams (sprinkles) were constructed. The source for the sprinkles are wells where the ground water bubbles up. The Loenen waterfall is located in one of these sprinkles.

The Vrijenbergerspreng is the highest waterfall in the Netherlands
The Vrijenbergspreng is the highest and longest waterfall in the Netherlands


The difference in height in the Vrijenbergspreng is relatively big. Therefore stairs were constructed in the sprinkle. The total difference is 15 meters. But don't expect anything spectacular. It's a waterfall the Dutch way!

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The biggest waterfall in the Netherlands
The biggest waterfall in the Netherlands

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Adress and visitor information

Biggest Waterfall Netherlands

Address: Beekbergerweg (N786)
Postal code and city: 7371  Loenen
Province: Gelderland
Additional information: The waterfall is a twenty minute walk from the parking near the N786 road (Loenense weg).

Let op: The location on the map is an indication. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route



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