Poort Kaap Noord

The North Cape: The northernmost spot of the Dutch mainland

The North Cape: The northernmost spot of the Dutch mainland


Heaven's Gate on the Dutch North Cape

Eemshaven - A walk to the northernmost tip of the mainland of the Netherlands ends on the dike of the Emmapolder, north of Uithuizermeeden in Groningen. Walking further is not really possible. Unless you go on the Wad at low tide. The extreme point is marked by 'Poort Kaap Noord'. The 'Poort' is a beautiful but lonely work of art on the dike. Except for a single sheep and a windmill, you will only find emptiness, air and water here at the North Cape of the Netherlands.

Lonely on the dike: Heaven's Gate

The artwork on the Wadden sea dike is called 'De Hemelpoort (Heaven's Gate)'. Given its location, a valid name! Poort Kaap Noord was created by artist René de Boer from Usquert in Groningen. The gate is made of steel and is about 2.5 meters high.

From the dike you have a beautiful unobstructed view over the water and the infinite sky above the Wadden.

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    Adress and visitor information

    Poort Kaap Noord

    Address: Waddenzeedijk
    Postal code and City: 9979  Eemshaven
    Province/Region: Groningen
    Web: Noordkaap in Noorwegen

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 1 hours.
    On the Wadden Sea dike. About 10 km from Uithuizermeeden. You can get there on foot, by bike or car. Near the artwork is a bench to rest and to enjoy the beautiful view of the Wadden Sea.

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