Mummies of Wiuwert

Winter time in Wiuwert

Winter time in Wiuwert


A crypt full of mysterious stories

Wiuwert - In 1765 carpenters discovered a crypt with 11 coffins in the church of the small village of Wiuwert (Wieuwerd), Friesland. The bodies inside the coffins showed hardly any signs of decay. Birds that died in the crypt became mummified too. Was it the dry cool air? Was it the soil? Was it due to a mysterieus and unknown radition?

Eleven mummies

Of the eleven mummies, four remain today. The other bodies were stolen by scientists / thieves. It is believed that the dead people belonged to the Labadist, a protestant religious movement of the 17th century.

The local goldsmith

There is one person who knew more about the secret of the crypt: the local goldsmith. Bodies are better preserved in some areas of the church. The goldsmith bought the best location.

The church with the mummies in Wiuwert (Wieuwerd)
The church with the mummies in Wiuwert (Wieuwerd)

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    Adress and visitor information

    Mummies of Wiuwert

    Address: Terp 1
    Postal code and City: 8637 VH  Wiuwert
    Province/Region: Friesland
    Phone: +31 (0)58 2501778

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 1 hours.
    The crypt has limited opening times.

    Monday - Saturday:

    April and May: In te afternoon from 13.00-16.30 hrs
    June, July and August: In the morning from 10.00-12.00 hrs
    In the afternoon from 13.00-16.30 hrs
    September and October: In the afternoon from 13.00-16.30 hrs.

    The crypt is closed on Sunday

    Let op: The locations on the map are indicational. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route. The map shows up to 8 locations in the area. Want to see all locations? Check our Hotspot map or use the Search option on this website.



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