The 12 mountains in the Netherlands

The 12 mountains in the Netherlands

The 12 mountains in the Netherlands

Dutch Mountains. What are the highest points?

Mountains in the Netherlands? The Seven Summits are the highest points across all 7 continents. Climbing these highest mountains is for most climbers the highest goal to reach! In the Netherlands we obviously do not have real elevations. But the Netherlands have "Dutch Mountains" in Holland. What is the highest mountains in the Netherlands and what are the highest points in each province? Discover the 12 summits of the Netherlands. These mountains will surprise you!

1: The Vaalserberg (+322.7 m)

Province of Limburg

The highest peak in the Netherlands is the Vaalserberg. This mountain is located in the southernmost part of our country, in the province of Limburg. The Vaalserberg is located on the border with Belgium and Germany.
Incidentally, the marker of the Drielandenpunt had to be moved sixty meters to the south in 2018!
Location: Surroundings Vaals, Limburg

2: Signaal Imbosch (+110 m)

Province of Gelderland

The Rozendaalse Veld, Hoge Veluwe area near Arnhem is the number 2 of this summit list. Due to the height differences, you will even find a double hairpin bend on the winding road through the Veluwe Zoom National Park! Elsewhere in Europe this is of course nothing, but unique in Dutch terms.

Although the 80 meter high Posbank is the most famous hill in the Veluwe, Signaal Imbosch is still a bit higher. The somewhat curious name owes the hill to the signal post that was used for measuring distances, the 'National Triangle Measurement'. At the top is still the "RD" stone.
From the parking lot at Groenendaal in Loenen you can walk to the roof of the Veluwe.
Location: Surroundings Arnhem, Gelderland

3: Tankenberg (+85 m)

Province of Overijssel

The highest point of the province of Overijssel is, with 85 meters, the Tankenberg near Oldenzaal in the Northeast Twente region. The 'mountain' is actually a lateral moraine and is formed by an ice age glacier. Nearby mountains are the Paasberg, Austiberg and Hakenberg. The area is characterized by a beautiful rolling landscape. You can make beautiful bike rides and walks, with surprising views over the undulating landscape.
Location: Surroundings of Oldenzaal

4: Amerongse berg (+69 m)

Province of Utrecht

The top of the Amerongen mountain is marked by a square stone with the inscription "RD". These letters stand for 'National Triangle Measurement' and are (were) used by the government to measure the landscape.
Other mountains in the area are the Donderberg, Darthuizerberg and the Ruiterberg. Thanks to all these mountains, the Amerongse Bos has the largest height differences in the province. Other people over 50 on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug are the Grebbeberg (52 m), the Elsterberg (62.5 m) and the Doornse Kaap (53 m).


In 1790, the owners of Castle Amerongen created a star forest at the top, with the Lonely Oak in its heart.
Location: Surrounding Amerongen

5: Schoorlse nok (+56 m)

Province of North-Holland

The Schoorl ridge is popular among mountain bikers because it is the steepest and longest climb in the area. The 'ridge' of the Schoorl ridge is approximately 48 meters above sea level.
Location: Surrounding Schoorl

6: Groot-Valkenisse (+52 m)

Province of Zeeland

A dune top one kilometer south of Zoutelande is the highest natural point in the province of Zeeland. The summit is at 51.81 meters above sea level.
Location: Surrounding: Zoutelande

Berg van Troje

A lot lower is the Mountain of Troy. This 7 meter high "Vliedberg" is located near the village of Borssele. On the Vliedberg there was once a castle, but that partly collapsed during a flood in the year 1530. For a long time this 'mountain' was out of use, until the Germans in World War 2 built bunkers.
Location: Surrounding Koudekerke, Walcheren

7: VAM-berg (+48 m)

Province of Drenthe

Poolshoogte (+26 m) near Odoorn, Emmen area, was the highest 'mountain' in the province of Drenthe until 2018. With the opening of the VAM mountain in WIjster - complete with a cycling "Col"-, the province of Drenthe has a new peak. With this new mountain, the province has moved up 3 places in our mountain classification!
Location: Wijster

8: Vuurboetsduin (+45 m)

Province of Friesland

This place on the Wadden island Vlieland is easy to find. The 45 meter high Vuurboetsduin dune is not only the highest peak in the province, but it also houses the 18 meter tall lighthouse of the island. More than 200 steps lead to the top of the dune. You can climb the lighthouse in summer. From the lighthouse you can see almost the whole island.
Location: Wadden Island Vlieland

Did you know that there are 14 mountain peaks over 8,000 meters? They are all located in the Himalayas, spread over Nepal, China and Pakistan.

9: Hilltop near Luyksgestel (+44 m)

Province of North-Brabant

10: Dune in the Westerduingebied area (+33,5 m)

Province of South-Holland

11: Hasseberg (+14 m)

Province of Groningen

The Groningen 'Hassebaarg' is close to the German border. If you 'climb' the top of the Hasseberg, you are at a height of 14 meters above sea level. The mountain clearly protrudes above the landscape, but because the area of the Hasseberg is already 6 meters above sea level, the climb up is modest.
The top of the Hasseberg is located in the Netherlands. The area just behind the summit is on the German side.
Location: Surroundings Vlagtwedde

12: Flevoland: The hump of Urk (+8,3 m)

Province of Flevoland

The height differences in the province of Flevoland are minimal and you would expect that the highest point would be in fact below sea level. Nevertheless, the highest point is 8.3 meters above sea level. The fisher-village of Urk was once an island. The hump is actually a mound of boulder clay and originated during the penultimate ice age about 150,000 years ago.
Location: The summit of the province of Flevoland is located in the middle of Urk

The 2000 meter mountain?

Because the Dutch mountains are not high enough, there have been spectacular plans in the recent past to build a real mountain in the province of Flevoland. The plan was to create a 2000 meter high mountain for winter sports, cycling and storing CO2. Due to the expected costs, environmental problems (the mountain could change the Netherlands climate) and other practical problems, the mountain has remained an idea.
Supposed location: Urk

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