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Vlieland - The Wadden island of Vlieland is one of the least populated areas of ??the Netherlands. Except for a few local cars with an exemption, the island is car-free. Vlieland is therefore a wonderful island for those seeking tranquility and come for sun, beach, walking and cycling.

Oost-Vlieland. the only village on the island of Vlieland

The only village on the island Vlieland

Oost-Vlieland is the only village on the island. It is a nice little village. Almost all inhabitants of the island live in this friendly town. Both the jetty of the ferry and the port of Vlieland are located near the village.

Sightseeing and fun things to do on Vlieland

The Vliehors: The 'Outback' of Vlieland

The Vliehors is a huge sandbox of 20 km2 on the west side of Vlieland. The site is used by the defense as a training area for F16 fighter jets, but can also be visited on weekends (flags indicate whether it is safe). At the tip of the Vliehors you have a good chance of seeing seals. In the middle of the Hors is a lonely rescue house (see below). The Vliehors can be visited on foot, with the Vliehors Express (a special vehicle) or with the summer ferry from neighbour-island Texel.

The Drenkelingenhuisje

The Drenkelingenhuisje is located in the middle of the Vliehors. It is the most remote building in Vlieland. It used to be a rewarding refuge for drowning people. Today it is a beachcombing museum and a special wedding location.

Het Posthuys

The Posthuys is located on the western part of Vlieland and is the last stop for the Vliehors. The cafe / restaurant is a favorite stop for walkers and cyclists. Until World War II, the post for Vlieland and Terschelling was settled here. Until then, both islands belonged to the province of North Holland (now Friesland) and mail came in via Texel.

Vuurboets dune

The highest point of Vlieland - The Vlieland lighthouse is the smallest lighthouse on the Wadden Islands. It's just 18 meters tall. However, the lighthouse is at the top of the Vuurboets dune, which is the highest point in Friesland at 42 meters above sea level.
The lighthouse was built in 1909 and is the top part of another lighthouse. The Vlieland lighthouse is open to the public. At sea and at night, the Vlieland lighthouse can be recognised by the light beam passing by every 4 seconds.

Cranberry plain

Picking vitamin C bombs - Cranberries grow on humid places between the dunes, on Terschelling and Vlieland. According to tradition, this edible cranberry was washed up in a keg and has been doing very well on the islands ever since. Consult where you can pick (the areas are leased on Terschelling, on Vlieland it is free picking as far as the editors know). The Cranberry plain on Vlieland is located west of the village. Best picking time: mid-September to mid-November.

The lost villages

Drowned in the sea

The sea gives and the sea takes. Various places on the Wadden Islands have disappeared into the sea in recent centuries. In former times, there was a second village at Vlieland called "West-Vlieland". However, the town went down in the mid-17th century due to sand erosion by the sea. The same happened on other Wadden Islands. For example, the towns of Wolmerum and Stortum disappeared on Terschelling, Sied and Oerd disappeared on Ameland and the village of Westerburen disappeared into the sea on Schiermonnikoog.


The tiny island of Richel is located just before arriving by ferry on Vlieland. The almost bare sandbar is about 2.8 km2 in size. The only vegetation is some colostrum grass. In addition to the many birds such as the Kentish plover and the little tern, the island is also an important resting place for the gray seal. Sometimes you can see dozens of seals sunbathing on the plate from the boat.
In the summer, Richel is guarded by voluntary watchmen.

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    Adress and visitor information


    Postal code and City: 8899  Vlieland
    Region: Vlieland
    Province/Region: Waddeneilanden

    Visit: An average visits takes approx. 72 hours.

    Let op: The locations on the map are indicational. It is not always the entrance, parking lot or best route. The map shows up to 8 locations in the area. Want to see all locations? Check our Hotspot map or use the Search option on this website.



    Waxing gibbous

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    Various fun events take place all year round on Vlieland. A selection:

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