Bolwoningen (bulb houses)

The Bolwoningen community in Den Bosch

The Bolwoningen community in Den Bosch

Den Bosch

Globe shaped stilt houses

The city of Den Bosch ("'s Hertogenbosch" or simply "Den Bosch") is famous for its 'Bossche Bollen'. The pastry is filled with whipped cream, coated entirely with a thick chocolate icing and has the size of a tennis ball.
This chocolate ball must have been the inspiration for Dries Kreijkamp (1937-2014). This Dutch architect created 50 globe shaped houses ("bolwonigen").

The Bolwoning

The globe-shaped houses are well suited for individuals or couples with no children. The house consists of a cylindrical base, accommodating storage and utility spaces, and a semi-three-story fiberglass sphere. Inside the house, a spiral staircase is leading from the groud floor to the bedroom and, slightly higher, an intermediate floor with bathroom. The uppermost floor is a vast open space with the kitchen and living room. The round windows provide natural light and a panoramic view.

Bolwoningen 's-Hertogenbosch
Bolwoningen 's-Hertogenbosch

Bolwoning for rent?

The advertisement

Type: 44 sqm globe shaped house. Well suited for individuals or couples with no children
Built in: 1984
No of rooms: 2
Community: Maaspoort
Area: Maasstroom
Rent (2012): €422,24
Description: Unusual shaped house: Home for the enthusiast! Detached bulb house in the Maaspoort, Den Bosch. Layout: entrance hall with washing machine connection and meter cupboard, bedroom with loft bed, shower room with toilet (3 m²), living room with open kitchen. The house has central heating and has a garden (46 m²) with storage room (6 m2). Fences may not be placed.
Living room: 12 sqm
Bed room: 10 sqm

What do visitors say about Bolwoningen (bulb houses)?

Adress and visitor information

Bolwoningen (bulb houses)

Address: Bollenveld
Postal code and city: 5235 NN  Den Bosch
Province: Noord-Brabant

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Globe-shaped stilt houses (Bolwoningen) 's Hertogenbosch
Globe-shaped stilt houses (Bolwoningen) 's Hertogenbosch

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