Tallest buildings in the Netherlands

The tallest Christmas tree in IJsselstein, the Netherlands

The tallest Christmas tree in IJsselstein, the Netherlands

Tall, spectacular, typical and striking towers

The largest Christmas tree in the Netherlands (and perhaps in the world) can be found in IJsselstein since 1992. Every year, between late December and early January and when enough money has been collected, the Gerbrandy radio Tower is transformed into a giant Christmas tree that can be seen from far away in the whole area. But it is obviously not the only high building in the Netherlands. An overview of the tallest, most spectacular, typical and striking towers and buildings in the Netherlands.

The Walfridus Tower in Groningen's Bedum is the slantiest tower in the Netherlands
The leaning tower of Bedum in Groningen. The Walfridus tower is the crookedest tower in the Netherlands!

De leaning tower

Slanting tower in the Netherlands

It is fun every day on the lawn around the tower of Pisa. A photo in which it seems as if you are trying to push the tower straight is of course the must-have souvenir! But there are also such leaning towers in the Netherlands! Because the Walfridus tower in Bedum in Groningen, known locally as 'the Schaive tower', is the most perched church tower in the Netherlands. Although the tower is about half lower than that of Pisa, both towers appear to be about the same angle.

Another well-known skew pendant in the north of the country is the Oldehove, the symbol of Leeuwarden. During the construction of the tower, the subsurface turned out to be so bad that the tower almost immediately started to slant. To correct this, the bricklaying started at a different angle. This did not solve anything because the tower continued to subside. It was then decided to stop the further construction of the tower. The tower still has a curiously blunt top. Most leaning tower of the Netherlands +

Tallest church tower in the Netherlands

City of Utrecht

With 112.32 meters, the Dom Tower in the city of Utrecht is the highest church tower in the Netherlands. That is more than 3.5 higher than the number 2, the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft, and almost 14 meters higher than the Lange Jan or the Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower in Amersfoort. Tallest church tower +

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